2012 NYC Street Cleaning Rules Suspensions
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Italics denote a major legal holiday.

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One Useful Telephone Number
For up to date information on everything government related in New York City, call 311.

For street cleaning rules and suspensions for emergencies and inclement weather, streetlight/traffic signal problems, potholes, community board info, call 311

If you car has been towed, call 311

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NYC's Department of Transportation.

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January   1: New Year's Day
2: New Year's Day (Observed)
16: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
23: Asian Lunar New Year
February   12: Lincoln's Birthday
13: Lincoln's Birthday (Observed)
20: Presidents' Day
22: Ash Wednesday
March   8: Purim
April   5: Holy Thursday
6: Good Friday
7-8: Passover (first/second day)
12: Holy Thursday (Orthodox)
13: Good Friday(Orthodox)
13-14: Passover (seventh/eighth day)
May   17: Solemnity of Ascension
27-28: Shavuot (first/second day)
28: Memorial Day
June     No suspensions this month
July   4: Independence Day
August   15: Feast of the Assumption
19-21: Idul-Fitr
September   3: Labor Day
17-18: Rosh Hashanah
26: Yom Kippur
October   1-2: Succoth
8: Columbus Day
8: Shemini Atzereth
9: Simchas Torah
26-28: Idul-Adha (first/second/third day)
November   1: All Saints Day
6: Election Day
11: Veterans Day
12: Veterans Day (Observed)
13: Diwali
22: Thanksgiving Day
December   8: Immaculate Conception
25: Christmas Day